Finding the Space in Your Home

Open space is peaceful. It makes your mind quieter and increases clarity. Clutter is noisy. It generates a discordant echo throughout your living space. It distracts you from the benefit of unencumbered space. When you're distracted by clutter, you can't think clearly enough to realize the effect. That's why it's initially hard to let go of clutter. You don't get a strong enough impulse to let go that will actually carry you through the process.

That's why when I clutter bust with a client I distract them from the distractions. They are hypnotized by the clutter. I ask simple questions that bring back their focus and break the spell. This takes them past the blame and guilt they often feel for the situation. "Things are out of order. How about we fix them? Then things will be nicer and you get to enjoy your place again." I take one object at a time and ask whether they like or need it. It's either a yes or no. That makes it simple and with that clarity they are clear headed enough to decide. As the clutter goes, the open space begins to return and they are attracted by how good it makes them feel, and they feel naturally compelled to continue with the process.

You can take the same approach in your home. You want to feel better in your living space. Because you're reading this you have become aware of how noisy your clutter is. You decide to make a simple approach towards each thing that is taking up space in your home. You ask, "Do I like or need this, am I using this, would I buy this if I were in a store today, or can I let it go?" When you see that something isn't part of your life anymore, you let it go. It starts to feel better. You feel the presence of the increasing open space. You continue moving forward.

I'm working with clients in Chicago till August 5th. I will be working with clients in Seattle August 6th through the 9th. If you'd like to set up a clutter busting appointment with me for either city, you can email me at