The Gentle Touch

I'm going to be in Santa Cruz and San Francisco this week giving talks about my Clutter Busting book. I'll also be giving a Clutter Busting workshop. If you are in the Bay Area, and would like to attend, the information is on the upper right corner of this blog page. If you would like to work with me while I'm in town, you can email me at The blogs will continue next week.

Here's a great email I got from someone who is reading my book:

"I am well in the process of releasing so many items. Some go easily. One wants to stay. Butford, an old statue of a butler holding a tray. I have gone back and forth so many times in my decision to take him to the auction studio, that I can see why the book is so gives me a big chance to see a huge un-examined field that is "undercover" so to speak.

"What really IS this sentimental attachment that feels like I can't say goodbye to this item? Not to get freakin' spiritual about it but it seems I have endowed Butford with a hidden "meaning" that keeps me attached. I loved seeing that hidden belief. (It's like a very interesting subtle pants down).

"It applies to all the other stuff I can't part with (yet) even though the hidden belief doesn't come to mind. When it does, it's easy to let it go. When it doesn't, I don't force myself and that seems like the gentle touch I never allowed myself in life. Who the hell cares in the long run if its kept or big deal...but the loss of division is a jewel in my heart."