Kindness in Letting Go

It was great to spend last week in San Francisco talking about the book and answering people's questions about clutter. People were understanding the element of bringing kindness into the process of letting go. I'm planning a clutter busting trip to Seattle August 6th through the 10th, and then San Francisco the first week of September. If you live in either area and want me to work with you, contact me at

Kindness goes a long way when letting go of clutter. It's not your fault you are living with clutter. We are taught to acquire things, not to let go. We are raised on advertising that tells us that things will make us happy. But when we take a closer look at our life, we see we are overwhelmed in our living space with things that no longer serve us, that makes us sad, stuck, and depressed. When we see how this happened, we have compassion for our situation. This kindness gives us the clarity to see what no longer fits our life. It naturally allows us to let go.