Letting Go of What You Don't Want Around Anymore

Here's a pretty good email I got this morning that sums up an amazing clutter busting experience:

"I finished reading your book a week and half ago. During the last few chapters when it says, "What does your stuff say about you? Do you like it? Is it really you?" I got a clear picture of a trophy I've been carrying around since 1983. At that time I was living with my boyfriend, not doing much except baking calorie laden sweets, and pretending to be someone I wasn't. I joined a bowling league for women like myself with too much time on their hands. Our team got the trophy for last place. I've been proudly displaying this trophy everywhere I've lived, and while reading your book, I suddenly got it that I'm celebrating a part of my life that I really don't want around anymore. I took the trophy off the mantle, said good bye, and dumped it in the trash!

"I then went to the front hall bathroom and cleaned out under the sink as well as two drawers, finding all kinds of things that were totally useless to me. Two garbage bags, and two bags to charity later, you can now see that not only does the sink have pipes under it, there's even a bottom surface to the cabinet. Yesterday, I discovered I lost nearly three pounds, a number I've been dancing around for three months. Thanks for clearly and gently pointing out what I needed to know."