The secret to clutter busting is starting. Most people get overwhelmed thinking too much about it. This is limiting because it often involves the repeated succession of negative things you can imagine going wrong. Plus it uses up the energy as if it's actually happening to you, and you get exhausted.

But starting has magic in it. It brings in your innate intelligence to know what to do. This kind of intelligence in the moment gives you energy. It's like mind vitamins. It's nature's way of inspiring you to keep going. It takes you from one moment to the next. Rather than get caught up and distracted by over thinking, it gives you the clarity to know what to do with what's right in front of you.

I got an email from someone, who is reading my book and went to one of my seminars, who wrote about her experience of starting:

"I'm 2 weeks into my new clutter busting mode and it's becoming quite an obsession. This has been a whirlwind clutter busting weekend! You never said how addicting this could be. I have been cleaning like a mad fool! After your class, I am having a much easier time of letting go of "things that are no longer enhancing my life", a perspective I didn't have before your class/book. Before I was having such a problem of 'where' to start. I am pleased to say I am happy with just 'starting'. It doesn't matter where, just 'start'."