What No Longer Fits

When we were kids it was obvious when something no longer fit us. Our shoes hurt our feet. Our pants split when were climbing a tree. It was hard to get our shirt over our heads.

When we become adults it's harder to tell when something no longer fits us emotionally. There are things in your home that no longer fit who you are now. Often these are the things that are ignored in boxes or the back of drawers or closets. They are things left unseen for months or years in storage lockers. They can be a CD that you can't remember the last time you listened to. There are the clothes that still fit your body, but don't fit your soul.

At one time these things fit you. They fit who you were when you bought them. You enjoyed their presence in your life. They brought you benefit. You enjoyed them. But their use for you has ended. However they are still in your home. It can be hard to consider throwing them out or donating them. You have memories of the experiences you had with them. They feel like a part of you. To think of throwing them out can be overwhelming. You just can't find yourself letting them go. It seems easier to leave them be.

Yet on some level their presence bothers you. A part of you knows it would be good to let them go. It's hard to ignore that feeling. That feeling is the indicator. It tells you that the time of having that thing in your space has expired. It leads you to the step of letting go.