Advice from Others

We receive a lot of advice from others. People weigh in on the things we are doing. We got it from our parents as we grew up, and after we left home. We got it in school. We get it from the media. We get it from our loved ones. We get it at work. We sometimes pay others for advice.

The problem is we receive so much advice that we end up losing touch with our intuitive ability to make decisions. That's our innate sense that tells us on a physical level whether something would nurture us, or deplete us. That intuitive sense of making decisions is like our sense of taste. When we put food in our mouth we know right away whether we like the taste or not. No one can tell us otherwise. But many of us have lost that sense when it comes to making decisions. There is confusion. And the more confused we get, the more we seek advice and get further away from intuitively knowing what is right or wrong for us in the moment.

When people give us advice, they are citing what works for them. It would be like someone saying, "You should get this shirt because it fits me so well." We don't have a good feeling about it, but we get that shirt anyway and it doesn't fit us. This leaves us more confused. We say, "It doesn't fit me." The person says, "You're wrong, it's a good shirt because look how well it fits me." We end up getting further away from knowing what's best for us in the moment.

Hopefully a part of us realizes what is happening. Our desire for advice begins to abate. We aren't attracted to it like we used to be. It led us down the wrong road too many times. Our attention begins to come back to our heart. That's its home. It feels comfortable there. We relax. It's the simplest place to be. From this place we look around at things in our life. We start to notice things that don't fit well. They make us uncomfortable. They constrict us. There is a desire to shed them. We want to feel good. They are in the way. We begin to let them go.

We begin noticing things that fit well. We see the things we like. We feel happy they are part of our life.

We also start to notice when something comes to us whether it's a good fit or not. We know right away. Its immediate presence in our life either feels good or it doesn't. We make a decision on our own. It makes us feel strong. It feels good to be back.