The Bird Brought Her Home

I have a Clutter Busting workshop coming up this Saturday afternoon at Yoga Now Chicago. Further info is listed on the upper right panel of this blog page. The workshops are powerful in that they mix the concepts with actual Clutter Busting. I have people bring in bags and boxes of their clutter. I then work with one person at a time in front of the group. People hear me talk about it while it's happening. I want to instill the action of Clutter Busting into everyone that attends.

I also want the same thing to happen with you as you read my blogs and my book. I write about the process of Clutter Busting with an observer's eye so that you see the clutter situations and the actions that are taken to bring about the changes, as well as hear my thoughts while I'm in the midst of the work, and hear the questions that I ask my clients. I want it to be a usable download so that the Clutter Busting process becomes a natural working function of your life. I want you to have an affinity for seeing clutter, along with the desire to let it go.

Yesterday I was working with a client in her home. She showed me the pages of lists of things that she felt she had to do. She instantly aged 15 years. The smile and joy was gone. The light in her eyes was off. She hunched over. Her voice sounded tired. She held onto the paper tightly. It looked like she was trying to protect it in some way. But no one in the room was challenging her. I hadn't even asked her a question.

She started complaining that she hadn't done anything on the list. She said, "I'm never going to get any of this done! I don't know what's wrong with me." She looked like she was going to cry. She was being mean to herself.

I said, "It's hard for me to watch you kick yourself in the ass like that. It's like you're striking yourself with lightning bolts. The thing is, when we put ourselves down, it has a greater impact than someone else doing it because the distance is so much shorter." She was quiet because her behavior had been illuminated as clutter. There was that look in her that went from being drunk to sober.

I said, "Let's actually take a look at this list and see if there is anything that really matters to you on it." The first item was reading at night. She felt she needed to read before she went to bed. She had a number of books that were "must reading" for her. She hadn't read any of them. I asked her how long she had been wanting to read at night. She said for at least ten years. I asked her if she likes to read. She said, "Not really". She looked surprised to hear herself say that. I said, "That's clutter because it's not something you like to do. It's not in your nature." She said, "I'd rather spend time with my pets, and meditate, and go to bed early." I said, "You probably don't have to write those things down to do them."

She got up and took out one of her birds from its cage. She sat back down and held the bird. It whistled happily as she rubbed its head and belly. She was transformed into a loving, joyful person.