Focusing on the Fact that it is so Freeing

Someone sent me an email this morning that said:

"I have never ever thanked anyone for writing a book. However I read your book and it was great. I can't tell you how many organizing books and articles I've read which only ended up as a pile somewhere in my office. Thanks for the tips and client stories. While I'm still a work in progress, I think that your book has helped me tremendously in "letting go" and just seeing things for what they really are."

I'm glad to hear that my book is making a difference for you. The first few years of working as a clutter buster, I would be going through the piles of things in people's homes and often at the bottom we'd find an organizing or decluttering book. My clients would say something like, "Have you read this book, it's amazing!" That helped me see how powerful an effect clutter has over people. It made me want to create something that would go past the levels of rational thinking. The reader would go back to being aware from the quiet knowing place, where things are an easy yes or no. It's like when you wrote, "seeing things for what they really are."

I got a second email from someone I worked with recently. It said:

"I have been exceedingly diligent about sorting my mail as soon as it comes, and throwing out everything I don't need, (which is pretty much everything!) I've also become very attuned to the fact that once you place something on top of something else, it's a dangerous thing! I am constantly on a mission to eliminate the start of any piles. I do find that sometimes other people are bothered by the things I give away or throw out, like I'm just throwing valuables out the window, or obliterating memories of life. It can be a mental struggle, but I try and focus on the fact that it is so freeing to get rid of STUFF. "

Those are some great realizations! That's the amazing thing about letting go of clutter, it allows you to see what is working in your life and what isn't. You're the best expert. You know your life better than anyone else. You saw that your life is much more effective when you take care of the mail right away. Plus you saw that most of it is junk. You also had the valuable insight of how to avoid piles of stuff. It's subtle and for most people it goes unnoticed. That's where clutter takes its root. But you pulled out the root!

Based on what you said about "other people being bothered by what you throw out", it's helpful to know that sometimes people's buttons are pushed by the things we do. The good thing to know is it has to do with them, not us. It can feel personal. But that's because they are feeling that it's personal. On that level, things feel very sensitive. That means they are loud in a person's awareness. Knowing this helps you to not react. Continue to, "focus on the fact that it is so freeing to get rid of STUFF."