Moving Past the Reasons

I worked with someone recently who felt stuck in her home. She had a well paying job and a big living space. But she wasn't happy. She talked about all the things that were going wrong with her life. She was attached to the reasons of why she was stuck. They were clutter for her because they weren't making her happy.

I got her talking about what mattered to her. She talked about a recent job interview in another city. When she spoke of the city and the job, she lit up. I pointed this out to her to keep her attention on something uplifting. We talked some more about it. She decided to take the job. I got her to go through her things to prepare for a move.

I encourage you to move in the direction of letting go. It brings relief to feelings of depression, desperation, and frustration. Making decisions that make you feel happy is very intoxicating.

Once there's the recognition of what's going on, then I encourage people to start the letting go process. Reflecting too much on the why seems to make people more stuck. A lot of my clients want me to know all the reasons they have the clutter. And then they like repeating the reasons. The "whys" have become clutter. They are no longer helping the person feel better. They are keeping them focused on pain. Getting past the reasons and making decisions brings a person out of stagnation and into the renewing energy of change.