Dropping a Habit

Here's another email from someone who read my book:

"The Best Line from your book is, "Your house is not a museum." I feel like a walking museum! The problem with people like me is we hide behind the word, "vintage". I tend to wear clothes and shoes long after they are out of style. I keep my old Doc Martins and bring them to the cobbler to get resoled and he just sighs because the leather is starting to disintegrate! I am conflicted. I wear clothes until they are rags, yet religiously subscribe to Vogue. I find it very difficult to throw away outdated clothes, and to treat myself to what's in fashion, or to spend moola money on something classic. This is a really old habit. Whenever I've been brave enough to drop this habit, my life has become very exciting. And...unpredictable. Maybe even a bit scary. Hmmm."

Exciting, unpredictable, and scary are a great combination. There's a vitality in them that isn't in, "hiding, disintegrating, and rags." You are discovering that a particular way of life is no longer suiting you. Something that has become a habit no longer fits. It's bothering you. That's one way that change happens. Your awareness expands and you naturally start to step out of your old way of doing things. At your own rate and speed, you can start to donate some of the items that are no longer comfortable for you to wear. This will make it easier for you to bring in new items of clothing that make you feel comfortable, beautiful and happy. It doesn't matter how you have been living. It's okay to make the changes you've been secretly feeling.