Making the Bedroom Peaceful

Yesterday I worked with a client in her home. She gave me a tour of the house. The downstairs part of the house felt good. But when we went up to the bedroom, I could feel a heaviness and a dull lethargy. She went from being cheerful to tired and depressed. I asked her how she slept. She said it was difficult for her to fall asleep, and when she did sleep it was fitful.

I said, "Let's start here!" She was surprised and seemed a little scared. That's normal. Everyone's living space has an area that's more of a problem. I find it's the best place for me to be of help.

We went through her night table. It was stuffed with toenail clippers, 5 Emory boards, dental floss, 16 mini containers of moisturizer, mail, to do lists, 7 books and various toiletries. I spread it all out on the floor by her bed. It took up a lot of space. She was amazed at the amount of things. I said "It's important to have things by your bed that are of a soothing nature. Also, when you have too many things, it creates an erratic energy that stimulates you in a negative way. Let's go through these and figure out what best supports you in having a good night's sleep." We reduced down the moisturizers to 5. She picked her two favorite books. She put the dental floss, toenail clippers and additional moisturizers in the bedroom. We tossed the mail and the to do lists.

She also had three bookcases in her bedroom. They were double stacked. There were books behind other books. It felt chaotic. I said, "This will definitely keep you up at night. Books have a high energy. They stimulate the mind and intellect. It's okay to have a few books that you like to read at night by your bed. But you have over two hundred books in these shelves and they are not conducive to relaxation and sleep. So let's go through them so we can create a more peaceful bedroom for you." I asked her about each book. She only kept ones that she hadn't read and wanted to read, and ones she had read and wanted to reread. She let go of over 3/4 of her books. We moved the ones she kept down to her living room. I donated the others after I left.

Lastly we went through the clothes in her drawers. She was apprehensive at first. But then her second nature took over. She enjoyed making the decisions of what stayed and what went.

When we were done, she was happy to have a peaceful bedroom. There is always a tangible feeling of serenity after the clutter has been removed from a room. I think when people notice the contrast, they cherish it, and it helps them to maintain their space over time.