Rediscovering Her Music

Last week I was working with a client in her living room and we came across stacks of CD jewel cases that had been stuffed in drawers and in cubby holes. She told me they made her feel very sad. She said that she loved listening to music but either most of the CDs were no longer in their cases, or were hidden in other parts of the house, and they were mixed together with her daughter's CDs, and she had been too overwhelmed to do anything about it. I suggested we fix that. She resisted because her overwhelmed feelings were still too painful to get through.

I said, "I understand. I'll help make it easy for you. You love music. I can tell because your heart is shining through the pain of the temporary CD entanglement. Your frustration is emotional and it makes it hard to think clearly. Emotional pain is harder than if you stubbed your toe. But by untangling piece by piece, the pain ebbs. We'll do this one CD at a time, and then we'll be done and you'll be listening to your favorite music again." She agreed.

I found the empty CD cases and separated them from the ones with CDs in them. I asked her about the ones with CDs. She either told me if it was either hers or her daughters. Then I asked her if she still liked listening to it, or could we donate it. Based on either a smile or a grimace, it was an easy process.

Then we went around the house in search of CDs without cases. They were in drawers, in CD carrying cases, in stacks in closets, and on various counters. We brought the CDs back to the living room and we put them in the empty cases. Then she went through the same selection process as before. It took less than an hour. She was very happy. She put on one of her favorite CDs. The smile on her face was amazing.