Feeling Important

Today I worked with someone in her home office. There was a lot of disorder. This affected her home business because she couldn't find things she needed, and she felt discouraged from spending time with what she needed to take care of, and she felt depressed that she hadn't been able to fix the situation on her own.

I asked her about the nature of her business. She told me about all the problems she was having with certain people she worked with. She complained about how she felt they were out to get her. There was a strong defensive current in her. I could tell this was sapping her of her energy. It was also distracting her from having a positive focus with her work.

I complimented her on the work that she did. She worked in the health care field. I said that it takes a compassionate personality to help people that are in need. She thanked me. I think she hadn't been thanked in a while. Sometimes people need some acknowledgment for the hard work that they do. I said that I was sure many of the people she helped were grateful for the things she did for them. She thanked me again. She was smiling this time.

I said, "Let's take a look at the things in your work space and see what you actually need and don't need. I think it will help you feel more peaceful in your work space."

Her defensive nature was gone. There was an openness about her. I feel that's the best way to approach the clutter busting. The openness gives clarity. Clarity removes the obstacles that get in the way.

We set to work and let go of a lot of things that she no longer needed. Then we took care of tasks she hadn't completed. She was feeling so much more confident.

This was a gentle approach to making the living space more compatible. I find it to be very effective. And it makes people more productive.