New Opportunities to Learn Clutter Busting

I scheduled a new Clutter Busting workshop in Los Angeles. It's going to be the evening of October 12th. It's listed to the right of this blog. The workshops are powerful experiences. I have people bring their clutter to the event, and I go through it with them in front of the group, while I point out clutter busting principles, and I take questions from the participants. You see the clutter busting process in action, and you absorb it on a feeling level, and it becomes part of your way of thinking and being. The workshop is three hours in length and the cost is $45. You can register by emailing me at

I'm also starting up Clutter Busting consultations by phone. For the month of September I'm charging $50 for a one-hour call. The rate will go up to its regular rate of $95 in October. If you'd like to set up an appointment, email me at