China Sydrome

I talked today with someone who was at one of my recent workshops. She's also reading my book. She told me that she recently let go of a 500 piece china set. The china had been in her home for twenty years. She inherited them from a great aunt. She said she'd never used the china. She hated the set. Her parents guilted her into keeping them. "You must keep the china!" For twenty years she lived with the pain of having the set in her home.

After getting a new viewpoint of clutter, she realized that she didn't have to live that way anymore. She told me that she loved the memory of her great aunt who swam everyday of her life up into her 80s. She also swam everyday. She said she wanted to keep that memory because it made her feel good. But that she could lose the china. She donated the entire set to a church rummage sale. She sounded so relieved.