Clutter Busting a Car

A client this week had a car in her driveway that wasn't being used. She'd owned the car for fifteen years. She also had a new car that she bought a year ago. She bought the new one, because the old one was falling apart. It had to be jump started every time she wanted to drive it.

She didn't want to let the old car go because she said it felt like a family member. She likened it to telling her grandmother she had to go because she was getting too old. She told me about some of her great memories of the road trips she had taken with that car. She was beaming.

I asked her what it was like to have to jump start the car. She frowned. She said friends would come over to borrow the car and she would get out the jumper cables. They would change their mind. She said she missed being able to drive it herself. She said it was hard for her to see the car going to waste.

I said it sounded like the actual situation from the car was causing her as much pain as the joy she experienced from her memories. I said that it can be exhausting getting stuck in the past to defend keeping something when you also know that it is no longer serving you.

She decided to donate it to a charity. She called them and they said they would come and pick it up. She said she felt good about the decision. It felt like a relief to her. She also said that she feels her new car is her friend and that she's looking forward to the trips she'll take with it.