Seeing What's No Longer Suiting You

I spoke with someone recently who told me her interesting clutter busting story. She and her family moved to Germany because of her husband's job. They were only going to be gone for two years, so they only took eight suitcases of the stuff with them, and put the rest of their things in a storage locker. They ended up being gone for ten years. They moved back to the United States. They got a new home. They went to unload their storage locker and discovered that most of their things didn't resonate with them anymore. They got rid of most of those things and got new things that suited them.

A lot of my clients' homes are filled with things that are no longer serving them. But they are so used to having these things, that they are attached to them. They are used to seeing them everyday. They are not happy in their homes. The presence of the stuff bothers them. But it's hard to part with something that is familiar. People who have been married a long time and are going through a divorce tell me they have the same feeling.

The woman who told the story had the luxury of not being around her stuff for a long while. She didn't have strong associations with her stuff. She easily saw that the stuff didn't suit her. But I know for my clients that it can be more difficult. That's why I'm really easy in my approach with them. I know what they are going through. They need quiet compassion. They need gentleness. I'm hoping that my blogs instill this in your private clutter busting sessions in your homes and offices. The attachment to your things is normal. There's nothing wrong for you in feeling that way. But I encourage you to take that quiet look at your things and see what no longer suits you. It will give you peace of mind and make you feel better.