Love Moved In

There was an old tapestry on the dining room wall. It felt heavy and stagnent. I asked her about it. She said she didn't like it, but she also didn't want to let it go. She didn't know why. I asked her if we could at least take it down. She agreed. I took it town and rolled it up and set it down in the hallway where she couldn't see it. I had her stand by the now open wall in the dining room. She had a hard time. She wanted to put something up there right away.

I got her to take deep breaths. I said, "It's okay for things to change. It's natural. It happens all the time anyway, even when we wish it wouldn't. It feels good to go along with it. Open space is nice. It gives you the feeling of potential. Nothing has to go up right away. You can enjoy the openess it makes you feel."

She relaxed. She said she was spending a lot of her energy trying to control her family. She wanted them to be certain ways, and she would get angry and frustrated with them to force them to be how she wanted them to be. This was making them resent her. They grew distant. This hurt her because she missed the feeling of connection. She was feeling the pain of the distance, and the desire to want to continue to control her family.

I said that she didn't have to do anything to fix that. By giving her home some open space, it allows things a chance to repair themselves. The openess gives a chance for things to heal.

Later she sent me a photo of a painting that she decided to put up in the open space. It was done by her son. It's of happy animals and hearts. It has lots of love. Love moved into the open space.