Clutter Busting with a Kid

Today I clutter busted with a kid. Kids are generally easy to work with. They are matter of fact about their things. It's either, "Yes, I like this", or "No, I don't care about that anymore." I think it helps that I'm easy in my approach with them. I don't care what they keep or get rid of. I think sometimes their parents might be less patient with them. Probably too they like an adult that just wants to know how they feel about something. Actually everyone is that way. People want to be heard without judgment.

I started with the top of his chest of drawers. There were some games. He didn't want to play with them anymore, so they went in the donate pile. Then we went to his closet. There were some science experiment type games that he received for his last birthday. He played with a lot of them and was now no longer interested. He said they could go. I noticed that kids have good memories of things, without the attachment that often comes as people get older. They know there will be something new, fun and interesting showing up, so no need to hang onto something that used to be those qualities.

If you have kids, it might be interesting to clutter bust with them. The more lighthearted the approach the better. You can use your curiosity to see how they let go. You might also feel a propensity to hang onto things rise up inside of you. I've seen some parents sometimes say to kids who want to toss something, "But you really like playing with that", or "Are you sure?", "But we spent a lot of money on that". It makes the kids question their intuitive sense of deciding. It's better to watch in silence, encourage them, or tell them they're doing a great job.