Today I gave a clutter busting talk for the staff at a library. They were going to be clutter busting all their offices and storerooms and wanted me to talk with them about how to let go. I told them stories from the clutter busting front lines, like I do with you through this blog.

Then I went to work with the staff to assist them in their clutter busting. They were very enthusiastic. I think because I didn't tell them they had to get rid of things. I emphasized being curious about the things in their space, to see if they really fit there any longer or not. Curiosity is within our nature. We're naturally inquisitive. It's a good way to inspire yourself or another. Rather than, "Oh, God, I've got to clutter bust", they were thinking, "Let's see what's here, and maybe I'll find some things to let go of."

I worked with one of the staff in her office. She pointed to the metallic office organizer behind her desk. She said, "That's my nightmare!" She had the look of dread in her eyes. She didn't want to get near it. She wanted me to take out the items and ask her about them. I did. It turns out half of the things were from her predecessor who left two years ago. This woman today didn't need any of it. The rest of it were outdated inner office memos. She tossed those too. She was shocked that it was so easy. She had been afraid of this clutter hotel for a long time. I asked her if she could let the metal organizer go. She hesitated. She said, "But aren't those supposed to help you?" I said, It might help some people, but not you. It doesn't fit you. It's like you tried on this shoe, and it doesn't fit. It doesn't support you." She breathed and let it go.

This weekend I encourage you to use this clutter busting curiosity with the things in your bathroom. Be intrigued by what's under your sink. Be fascinated by the things in your medicine cabinet. See if you can find the things that you are not using in your shower. I've seen a lot of clients discover excess shampoos, conditioners, toiletries, soaps, medicine, towels, sponges and other various things that they don't care for anymore. It doesn't matter if you spent money on it, if you're not using it, it creates a chaotic and heavy effect on the space that you'll feel better without. Bring a trash bag with you so you can help these space loiterers to move on.