Feeling Good at Home

I once got a call from someone who wanted to know if I have clutter in my home. She wanted to come to my place to see if it was even possible to live that way. I tried telling her that I could come to her place and help her let go of clutter. But she wanted to see the possibility so it could give her inspiration to do it on her own. So she came over to my apartment. She went through every room, closet and drawer. She thanked me and went on her way.

I think because I'm continually working with clients that my clutter radar is on when I'm at home too. Yesterday I was getting a jacket out of my closet and I saw two hats off to the side. I had an immediate feeling. "You don't wear those anymore, they can go." I actually thought for a second, "Yes, but what if..." It's the same thing clients tell me. But I couldn't finish the sentence. It was obvious. I took out the hats and put them in my car so I could drop them off at charity.

Right now I'm sitting on my couch and I can feel the open space in my room. It's soothing to me. When I work in client's homes, the space is often chaotic. It's nice coming home to a place without a lot of stuff. It feels like sitting in a warm bath. I like my home to feel relaxing. I notice that my clients end up liking that feeling in their living spaces too. They are a little resistant to it when I first start working with them. It's strange to feel open space when they're not used to it. But they end up cherishing it.

I've gotten used to feeling good in my home. I want to maintain it so it continues to feel good. I write about the experiences of my client's letting go experiences and the insights that come along with it, because I think you would like to feel good in your homes too. We don't have control over the world and the calamity that often comes with it, but it doesn't have to follow us home. So as you read my blog posts and get used to hearing about people letting go of things that get in the way of peace of mind in their homes, you can be in a room in your home and notice something that's in the way of your enjoyment. You can remove it as you would remove trash. When you come back in your home, you can notice that it feels better. No effort is insignificant. Your kind encouragement to yourself makes a difference.