Looking for Clutter in the Clothes Closet

Recently I worked with a client in her clothes closet. She said she'd gone through her clothes a month ago and let go of a few items. I said it was worth taking a closer look. I had her sit on the floor and relax. I held up one item at a time and and asked whether she liked it or could we let it go.

It helps to look at one item at a time. It also helps to remove the clothing item from the rod in the closet or take it out of the chest of drawers. When we look at something in its usual resting place, the items seems like part of our life because we are used to seeing it. But looking at it in a new light helps you see whether you actually like it or not. This helped my client tremendously because she realized a lot of her clothing no longer fit her needs. There were no distractions. There was just the one item to consider and it helped her see what was no longer a part of her life.

This weekend is a good time to look at what's in your clothing closet. You can pull out one item and see how you feel. Does it make you happy to hold it? Do you want to wear it? How do you feel when you wear it? Would you buy it if you were shopping today?

Does it make you tired to consider the piece of clothing? Do you feel indecisive? Often this feeling indicates there's emotional attachment to the thing at the same time as the recognition that it's no longer a part of your life. We get overwhelmed when this occurs and we start to shut down. Recognizing that reaction helps you get through it. "Oh, I'm feeling overwhelmed. Maybe I no longer care for it but I'm feeling really attached and this is making me afraid to let it go. I'm feeling like I might be losing something, but perhaps there's nothing to lose. I think I might feel better when it goes."

After you go through the clothes on the rack, you can look at things you stored above the clothes. Also the things below, like shoes. If you feel, "I don't need to look up there", that's a good reason to look up there.