Calling Mental Clutter into Question

Here's an inspiring message from a blog reader about her experience with clutter busting mental clutter:

"Mental clutter can leave you stuck the same way hanging onto belongings you no longer need does. This past weekend, I cleaned out some mental clutter about relationships. I'd been struggling for a long time with feeling inadequate for not having a love relationship, when "everyone else" has one. I wondered what was wrong with me since I couldn't seem to attract a partner. I was sad about what I didn't have, afraid I'd be alone forever, etc. etc. Suddenly everything looked hopeless.

"Then I mentally shouted, "Enough!!" and broke the self-critical loop. I asked myself, "What are the gifts of being single right now?" The answers came instantly: autonomy; freedom; time to focus on my health, education, and creative pursuits.

"I probed further: "What do these gifts bring me?" Immediate answer: Increased self-confidence and enjoyment of life. "And how will these qualities help me?" Answer: They'll make you more confident and more open to all life has to offer, which will then attract the right person to you.

"So, what's the problem with not having a love relationship right now?" Answer: Nothing! I'd been beating myself up over nothing! Amazing what happens when you stop the chattering inner critics and start asking questions. Last night I had the most restful sleep I've had in weeks!"

Those are some great insights. Mental clutter is very powerful and debilitating. It's so loud and dominating that it can seem true. But when you listen to it and call it into question like you did, it begins to lose its power.