Looking at Inner Clutter

Sometimes we store clutter in our heads. We might compare our lives to others and feel less in the measurement. We can keep and maintain a detailed list of the things that are wrong with us. Or perhaps we think something in our life or someone else's life shouldn't be what it is. Or maybe we feel full of fears, kind of like how our stomachs feel after an all-you-can-eat meal. These kind of thoughts are a skewed assessment of what is. We can recognize the presence of these thoughts by feeling constantly agitated, worried and unhappy. We can get used to living that way and it can seem normal.

Since these thoughts are in us, they are louder than the things outside of us. They command and take up all our attention. They don't help us. They don't make our lives better. But we rarely have the spare space of awareness to see that.

But by talking about this kind of clutter in a matter-of-fact, "hey, isn't this interesting" kind of way, maybe we start to not rely on these particular mental proclivities. Maybe they begin to evaporate. A little goes a long way. A small increase in clarity brings great benefit. You can start to think, "Hey, you know, I don't think these thoughts are actually serving me. I think I might stop putting my attention on them. I can't believe I thought that was true."

Maybe today you can spend some of your awareness and watch the process of your mind. See the dark roads it sometimes goes down. Listen in when it's giving a ranting speech. Feel it contract and put up its fists in fear. Catch it repeating itself with relentless intensity. Put a decibel meter up to it and see how high the measuring bar goes. Who knew the mind could be so loud? It's amazing we don't go deaf. We can even think, "Would I buy these thoughts if I was out shopping today? Probably not."

As the mental clutter gets discovered and its intensity starts to fade, you might find you have the space of awareness to discover some of the supportive aspects of your mind. You may notice the mysterious ways of how your intuition unfolds. Perhaps you see your creativity come up with some new and amazing solutions to a problem. You might become aware of yourself appreciating something for the first time. "Hey, I've never noticed this tree on my street before. It's beautiful." Maybe without the excess storage of mental clutter, you may begin to feel a natural joy existing within you. It's kind of quiet. But it's also powerful.