"No shame in taking a nap"

The past week has been very quiet for me. I haven't had any clients. It's been very good to rest and take it easy. It's been a busy year for me with the book coming out and traveling to cities to talk about the book and answer questions. This week feels like a mini hibernation. I can feel the value in stopping for a little while and recharging.

I wanted to see if there are any clutter busting questions that you would like to have answered. They can be specific about your particular clutter situation. Or they can be general in nature.

I've been getting a lot of nice and insightful messages from my blog readers lately. I love to hear about your clutter busting experiences. I'd like to share some of them with you today:

"I'm keeping it simple this holiday season. I never was a big shopper, but now, after you changed my brain, I don't even want to buy things I like. I actually get a feeling of happiness about not buying."

"After rushing my whole life, I have finally learned to just breathe and be in the moment..."

"I can totally relate to feeling that I need lots of choices, but then being overwhelmed by the choices."

"Thank you for reminding us how toxic our feelings about someone else's clutter can be to all concerned - AND that a reward exists when we find a way to deal with our own imperfections."

"Your description of your client picking up his red guitar with tenderness moved me. It made me stop halfway through reading it, pick up my ukulele, and play for a while. Sometimes we forget what gives us pleasure because we're too wrapped up in should-haves, must-dos, not-good-enoughs."

"Often we are obsessed with achieving and being workaholics and being responsible, that we forget to rest and regroup and center back into who we are. I used to always beat myself up and think I was lazy when I felt tired, now I realize there is no shame in taking a nap sometimes."