Resistance as Clutter

Today I feel like talking about how our lives are changing all the time, but how we often miss out on or ignore the changes until the resistance creates clutter in our lives.

One of the people who attended a recent workshop told me about how she was stuck in the world of acting. It used to provide her income and enjoyment. But over time it began to wear on her. She wasn't enjoying the people she was interacting with. It was taking a toll on her health. But she ignored the effects and kept pursuing it and pushing herself. She kept going even though it was no longer serving her. When it finally became apparent for her, she found she had a hard time letting it go. It took a while, but she finally dropped it. She got her energy back. She took off in a new direction that strongly suited her.

Here's another story.

I used to live in Los Angeles. I thought I would never leave. I loved the year-round shorts weather. I loved the wide-open spaces and constant sunshine. But after a number of years living there, it began to wear on me. I was finding that I wasn't as happy. I was feeling a sense of irritation no matter what I did. At first I ignored that because of all my good memories. Plus I thought I shouldn't feel that way. It's Shangri-la! But then I realized, there's nothing wrong with LA, but it was no longer serving me. When I became aware of that, I followed a feeling to move to Chicago. When I got here, things transformed in a positive direction. The process taught me to be open to small changes as they happen.

In what ways in your own life might you be resisting change? Is there something that you are ignoring that is causing you some pain? Is there something you can do about it now? When let go of something that is no longer serving you, you create space for something new that suits you better, that serves you.