Surprise Present

I had a really nice experience tonight. I was on my way to my fourth Christmas get together in two days. I was starting to feel stressed. I was lost and a little late. Plus I needed some alone time. I thought, "Getting caught up in this is clutter. It's not helping me. I need to take care of myself."

Just then I noticed a park to my right. I pulled over and got out. I bundled up and headed over. The park was beautiful. It was lit up by moonlight. I loved hearing the wind through the trees. I enjoyed the feeling of the open space. And then a deer ran out of the woods and stopped right in front of me. We looked at each other. I thought, "This is the perfect Christmas present." The deer moved on. I was in a much better place. I got back in my car and found the party.

I'm noticing when anything is not serving me and I try and do something about it. It makes everything much simpler.

One of my blog readers sent me an interesting article about a couple that loves giving to charities. One of my favorites quotes from the couple is, "Even as a kid, I remember every Christmas thinking, 'My life is going to be changed when I have this new present.' Of course, my life was never changed," she said.

Here's the article:,0,4224450.story