Being Curious About How We Do Things

Day two of the LA part of my West Coast Clutter Busting tour will be spent on the beach. I'll probably be sitting on the sand, then sleeping, and then finally take a good long walk. This new approach of resting and playing for a day or two before starting work is clutter busting my old way of hitting the ground running, working non-stop and then being exhausted. I'd get home from these trips and feel kind of out of it for four to five days. Rather than be hard on myself about living that way, I was curious as it was happening. I wasn't in a rush to fix things. The noticing brought in an ease that allowed new changes to occur.

This kind of clutter busting comes from being curious about our lives. It's having an inquisitive interest in how we operate and do things. We can notice that often we are judgmental about the way we do things. We can see the problems we encounter and then criticize ourselves with the feeling that it will bring positive change. But my experience working with others and myself is the harsh and hard way is draining and it breaks our spirit. We're sensitive creatures. We respond to gentleness and kindness. The criticism can be like bleach. The curiosity and the change that comes from it is kind.

When I work with people in their homes, I'm not critical of their clutter situation. I don't have organizing solutions for them to implement. I easily have them consider the things in front of them. "Let's take a look." I'm curious along with them. The easier approach helps dissolve the inertia and they start to flow again. New ways of living often come naturally to them. Their life goes, "Oh, wow, hey thanks for being open to me! Hey, I've got an idea..."

So, off to the beach for me! Have a great day being curious about your life. If you feel like sharing any insights that come your way, send me a note.