Clutter Busting Opportunity

As you might know, I'm going to be in San Francisco this Wednesday through Sunday to work with clients and give a talk and workshop. One of my clients who booked me for a long session had to cancel today due to last minute house repairs. She was disappointed and felt badly. I told her it was okay. But when I got off the phone I was disappointed. I realized it's natural to have expectations about something. But it becomes clutter when I hold onto the expectation.

So, here I am clutter busting the expectation. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity to work with me while I'm in town, you can email me at and we can set up a session as soon as possible.

Holding on to expectations seems to be mental clutter. Up till the recognition happens, it's a bumpy ride. My brain says, "What the? Wait a second. Um, excuse me, but this isn't supposed to be happening! Something's wrong here. I don't like this. Wahhhhh!"
It's the realizing what's happening that helps with the letting go.

I remember working with a client who was so angry at her husband for not helping out with housework. She expected that he would be able to just tell she needed help and he would ask to help her on his own. Of course he didn't. She was fuming as we worked in their overstuffed alcove. I said, "What you're expecting isn't happening, so let's talk with him." She was resistant. I think she was attached to the anger. That's the holding on to the expectation part. I invited him to come to the alcove. He did. I told him the situation. He said he was happy to help out. She was shocked.

If you'd like to write in and share an expectation story, please feel free.