In Tune

Yesterday, I was taking a tour through my client's apartment when I came to a wall in her kitchen. The radar went, "Hello!" There were about nine photos in shiny gold frames. They made that wall of the room feel very heavy. I asked my client about them. She said that feng shui wise, that was the wealth wall of her home. She had chosen the gold and the photos because they made her feel wealthy. This provided a great clutter clue because her voice sounded past tense, like she was reflecting rather than describing something happening now.

I asked her about each picture. She liked three and six she no longer cared for. I think she was kind of surprised that she felt that way. This is common. What happens is we set up something in our homes because it feels right in the moment. Then we get used to that thing being there. We hardly notice it anymore. We acclimate to things pretty fast. Because it's no longer foremost in our awareness, we don't check in on our feelings of whether the thing is still valuable to us over time. That's why I ask, "Do you like this or can we let it go?" because it makes us consider our things in present time. Do we still like it?

We took the photos off the wall. The wall space around where the photos hung was a dark gray. It was dirt. She got out cleaner and sprayed the walls. Then we wiped down the wall with sponges. We made the wall shiny and beautiful. That side of the room felt good again. The space felt fresh. I asked her to take some time and think about if she would like the three photos to go back up there. I wanted her to check in with her feelings about what intuitively felt best for her.

Our space is constantly changing because we are constantly changing. Often what's important to us one day, isn't valuable later on. That's why I consider clutter busting an ongoing process. It's staying present with ourselves and the things in our living space so we can sense when change happens and make the adjustments.

I play guitar. Every time I play I have to tune it. Sometimes I get lazy and don't. But then it's not much fun because the sound is off. Sometimes I try to not hear the discordant sounds. It takes a lot of effort. I suddenly get inspired and tune my guitar and then it's fun!

I think the same thing goes with our homes. Sometimes we sense our living space is out of tune. It just doesn't feel right. But we just don't feel like asking why. So we try and live with it. But it isn't pleasurable. It takes a lot of effort to not notice our discomfort. Then maybe we get inspired to clutter bust. We look around and remove things that no longer are in tune with us. Suddenly it feels good to be in our space again!