I felt all out of sorts about my life purpose. I decided to climb the mountain and talk with the Guru. I climbed the 12 hour ascent and walked to the Guru's cave.

There was a sign on the entrance to the cave. It said, "No longer in business."

I got so angry. I tore up the sign and threw it on the ground. I realized I was exhausted. I took a nap in the cave. When I woke I felt so much better. I lost my need to seek.

I was surprised to find a small group of people sitting in front of me.

One of the people said, "What's the meaning of life?"

I said, "Naps are great!"


I've been reading a lot of news stories about how good sleep is of vital importance to our health and well being. Lots of us carry around exhaustion. We get inspired by our adrenalin and keep going. The thing I personally discovered about adrenalin is it makes everything seem very important. There's a driving intensity to this inner coffee. I think it was originally invented to inspire us to move faster than normal when it was apparent that we were about to be eaten. But today this is an uncommon situation.

A lot of my clients have the exhaustion and the adrenalin. I think that is often the source of the clutter. It's hard to think matter of factly and intuitively when we're double teamed by the tiredness and wiredness. So we end up pulling stuff around us that we don't actually need. Plus it's hard to slow down and back up enough to take a quiet look around at the things we've surrounded ourselves with.

When I work with my clients, I help them slow down. As they get rid of their clutter, they start to feel exhausted. I've had a few clients start to fall asleep while sitting. That's because the presence of the clutter has a agitating, jittery, adrenalizing effect, and when it gets busted, the tiredness we are feeling below the surface starts to rise. I encourage the client to take a nap as I'm leaving.

I can feel some adrenalin kicking in as I'm up late packing to go to San Francisco for a work trip tomorrow. There's an urgency about it that's going, "Now Now Now Right This Very Second Now!". But the thing is, I'm just about done. And I need to rest. So I'm going to end this blog. Put the last thing in my suitcase and go to sleep!