Solid Gold Nail

I'm up early packing. I'm a bit of a sleepyhead. Mustnotgobacktobed. I feel a little resistance having to pack my shorts and t-shirts and unpack my ski parka and scarf.

It's been a great two weeks traveling and clutter busting in California. I went from pale to semi-tan. I got to hike in big green hills. I had fun meeting and clutter busting for new people. I love that feeling of contrast from when I first walk in the door of someone's home to when I leave. From chaos to peaceful.

I just thought of a good point that got brought up at one of the workshops. Someone was talking about how they were really attached to something and they didn't want to let it go, even though the presence of the thing was causing them great pain and distress. The hypnosis from the clutter was pretty strong. I said that imagine you were walking down the street and you stepped on a nail and it went in your foot. It hurts a lot. But you don't want to pull out the nail because it's solid gold. "I can't throw this out, it's valuable." I said that nothing is valuable if it's also causing your life pain and you can do something about it. That's why I ask lots of simple and direct questions, to help the person see the negative effect the clutter is actually having on them.