Taking Good Care of Ourselves

I've worked with a lot of clients who were exhausted, but still going. They couldn't understand why they were having such a hard time taking care of their lives. I helped them see all the things they were doing and how as a whole it was taking a toll on them. By looking at the pieces, they were able to start to let go the things that weren't actually all that important to them. Just making the decisions alone started letting in their piece of mind.

I think we're pretty sensitive creatures. Our capacity to imagine what we'd like to do is greater than our abilities to do all of them. We can do amazing things, but sometimes it's too much. Sometimes it helps to cut back. Other times it helps to take a break. It also helps to not be hard on ourselves about what we're capable of doing. I think our only responsibility is to take care of our peace of mind.

I spent a lot of December working on my new Clutter Busting book. I forgot how much hard work is required in writing and assembling a book. I definitely started going past my capacity and I wasn't feeling so hot. I remember laying in bed one night and feeling the fatigue.

My body and mind together said, "Um, excuse me, we're sorry to disturb you, but we'd like to register a complaint. Could you maybe take it easy a little?"

I said, "I don't think so, I have too much to do."

My body and mind said, "Hey, you're kicking our ass here! Lay off, okay?"

I said, "I'm sorry. I didn't realize. I'll be more aware. Thanks for letting me know."

They said, "No problem. Thanks for listening."

I figured out ways to take fun breaks during the day. I also started writing in different rooms. And I started playing music when I wrote. It made the process so much easier. And the writing improved greatly. I'm glad my body and mind spoke up. It's good to know they are on my side.