Cleaning Up So I Can Enjoy the Things that Matter

I wanted to share this quote that someone sent to me:

"And another thing. If I had an hour to live, I wouldn't be calling the lawyer who will handling all my "stuff" after I'm gone. I never really did care for all this stuff anyway. It always seemed like a burden to me, as if I were tripping over it all. There always seemed to be too much of it to deal with. I had to buy it, clean it, store it, keep it, insure it, keep track of it, find places for it, move it around, replace and update it, and now in the end, decide who gets it next. Who cares?"

It's from a book, which I haven't read, called, 'An Hour to Live, And Hour to Love' by Richard Carlson and Kristine Carlson. The quote is from a letter Richard wrote in a letter to Kristine. She published the letter after he passed, hence the book.

This inspired me to clutter bust some of my stuff. Every few months I sit down with my paper files and see what I no longer need. Today I threw out some papers from my previous computer. I got a new computer two months ago so I don't need the papers that came with the old one. I tossed business cards from people that I either didn't want to keep in contact with or I'd already transferred the person's info to my phone. I also deleted old phone numbers on my phone of people that I no longer had a reason to call.

Back in my files I found a couple of sheets of paper that were filled with old phone numbers from friends and business acquaintances from the past. I felt my heart tighten. There was some fear that I couldn't let them go. They almost felt like a time machine. Part of me went back in time in my mind. But the trip didn't make me feel happy. There were mixed emotions. I realized it took me away from the things I'm enjoying now in my life. So I tossed it. I felt free!