It's So Much Quieter in Here

I was just talking with a friend, and she told me about how she moved her TV into her closet because she doesn't watch it very often and she felt like it was taking up a lot of the space in the room. I got the Yes feeling which for me means, this would work for you too.

So while we were talking I rolled my TV stand and TV into my closet. I came back into my living room and was amazed. The room felt new, bigger and brighter. As I'm typing to you now I'm looking at my new space and I'm amazed. I think the TV previously sucked light out of my room because right now it feels like a green house in here. And the best part is my room feels much quieter. Even when the TV was off, it seemed to call out to me a lot, "turn me on, watch me." And I hardly watch TV except for occasional movies.

That's the amazing thing about clutter busting, life is going on as it always does, but then suddenly there's this sense that something doesn't fit anymore. It becomes really clear that a particular thing needs to change or go. Then the way things previously were changes and a really good feeling takes its place. I think the main thing is to be aware of when the insight comes, and then take a chance by going along with the new understanding.

My friend is Colleen Wainwright. She has a great blog called You can check it out at Colleen's site