Relying on the Quieter Voice

When you're in a clutter situation, you feel stuck between thinking, "I can't let this go" and knowing, "I don't need this." This pull on your emotions can be confusing and it can drain you and make you feel tired and want to give up. As a result it can seem like the clutter is more powerful than you. But somewhere, there's a knowing place in you that feels, "This is a distortion and I'm swayed by it. I want my peace of mind back. I'm going to take a chance and let these things go."

This knowing place is quiet. The clutter is loud. The clutter doesn't want to let the knowingness in -- it's defending itself from the knowingness. But the clutter will never support you, take care of you, or make you feel better. The knowingness will. It doesn't advertise itself. It doesn't say "trust me," but the trust is built into its voice. That's the place where the security that we're seeking lives. It exists in this quiet knowingness. It won't lead you astray.