An Unencumbered Life

Someone wrote in the comments part of the blog: "I've just finished clutter busting a 1200 square foot office. I had the mobile industrial shredder come chew through 40 linear feet (800 pounds) of old files, and the consignment store come and remove two desks, a credenza, three file cabinets, fourteen chairs, two conference tables, a wall-mounted white board, two lamps and seven framed pictures. I'm going "mobile" with my office operation, scanning important documents on to the laptop, with continuous online backup. It feels very free, but is still a little disorienting. Where's all the stuff I was surrounding myself with?!"

It can seem weird at first to not have the clutter in your living space, even though its presence was bothering you before you let it go. It's awkward because you were used to having all that stuff around you. In some ways it kept you company. But a little time passes and you get used to your unencumbered life. I think we're built for simpler things. I know there's a pull for more. But we seem to be able to enjoy our lives more when there's less on our plate.

Maybe it takes living under the burden of having too much stuff to realize and appreciate the joy of living with just the things that matter.