We're Smarter than the Clutter

Everyone's approach to clutter busting will be different. Your creativity will determine how you take a look and investigate the things in your space. That's why I keep my descriptions of how to clutter bust very basic. It allows you to bring in your own intuitive and natural ways.

Here's one of my blog readers approach to looking at the clutter in her home:

"Our space was feeling clutter-y; I photographed every clutter-spot throughout the whole house. (They reminded me of mushroom clumps.) The images were powerful; I was appalled. It motivated me to CLEAR one of the spots before bedtime. It felt wonderful! It was great to see my space as an "outsider" would see it."

That was a very creative clutter bust. Her inventive approach allowed her to see her things in a new way. The "outsider" perspective helps diminish our emotional attachment. Suddenly, the thing that we avoided looking at or making a decision about, clearly becomes trash. This clarity of awareness compels us to remove the clutter.

In my book I talk about taking an item that we are feeling stuck about and putting it on a chair and interviewing it. We would ask it questions like, "So, why are you here?" and "What are you doing for me?" It's a way of getting a better view of whether something serves us or not. I believe in our creativity. When we're open to it, we become more aware. Our awareness tells us whether something is right or wrong for us.

Clutter is crafty and insidious. It has a way of mixing in with the things that do matter in our life and making it seem like it matters too. But we are much more intelligent than the clutter. That's why when we take a look at our things in a new way, we become more alert and we stop falling for clutter's tricks.