Live Clutter Busting! and Some Words of Wisdom

Tomorrow morning, Wednesday at 7 AM Pacific Time, I'll be a guest on Howard Peiper's Kiss Your Life Hello Internet radio show. I'll be talking about clutter and you can even call in a ask questions. You can listen to it live at Kiss Your Life Hello It will also be available later in their archives.

I wanted to also let you know about my facebook fan page. Clutter Busting Fan Page I write short clutter busting words of wisdom. I invite you to sign up and become a fan. Here are some some past excerpts:

Sometimes we have an emotional reaction to letting go of clutter that makes us feel like we are losing something. But what are we losing? It might feel like something important. But maybe it's not. It's worth taking a look.

Open space feels good. It's why we feel happy and peaceful when we go to the park or the ocean. We can have a similar feeling in our homes when we remove things that no longer matter to us.

The clutter in our lives pretends to serve us. It makes us feel like we need it. But we're being tricked. There's no room in our lives for things that hurt us.

Clutter is heavier than the things that are part of our lives which support us. The clutter exhausts us. The essentials make our lives easier. The more we see the difference, the easier it becomes to shed the clutter.

Sometimes our home becomes a crowded museum of our past. It leaves little or no space for our present life. Letting go of clutter allows our space to become a living space.