Reactions to a Clutter Busted Space

One of my friends called and told me about how her living space felt after she clutter busted. She said, "It feels like I have a brand new home. I sit here and I can't believe it. "What did I do to deserve this?"

I remember one job where a client called some of her friends and asked them to come over and see her new clutter busted space. They came by and she had them stand in her bedroom. She said, "Just stand here and feel it." They did. Then one of her friends said, "It feels like there's a breeze in here." My client said, "I know, and none of the windows are open."

One of my clients cried as we sat down in her clutter busted living room. She couldn't figure out why she was crying. Then she said, "I'm just so relieved. I haven't been able to relax for years."

Another client was giddy after we did a big clutter busting of her library. She let go of about 3/4 of her books. She felt she got her room back. She said that whenever she used to come into the room, she could feel pressure from the books as they called out to her to read them. But she could only read one book at a time and she was a slow reader. She felt that she could now take her time and savor what she was reading.

I worked with a client who had a huge amount of papers in stacks all over his family's basement. Lots of it was newspapers and magazines. Junk mail too. His family was away for the week that we worked together. We filled up over 30 big bags of trash for recycling. His family came home on the last day as we finished up. His wife came into the open and spacious basement and couldn't say a word. Then she hugged her husband and said, "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!" He was deeply touched.