This weekend keep an eye out for the things that matter to you. Notice what makes your heart open. See the things that make your life easier. What would you life be like if this thing, person or situation was no longer in your life? We often don't realize how valuable something is until we lose it.

The more you realize what you care about, the easier it is to notice and root out the clutter. The things that don't matter as much to you start to lose their hold over you.

The world has a way of telling you what is important. What do you keep trying to like, but you just don't wear, use, eat or look at? Winnowing these things out gives you the space and peace of mind to relish the things that matter to you.

What matters to you? What do you actually care about? What would you buy or attain again if it were lost? Right now I'm thinking about how much I love playing my Gretsch New Yorker guitar. I got it in a Clutter Busting trade a few years back. It's made of really old wood and when I play the guitar it feels alive, like the tree it came from is talking. I invite you to a share thing you notice that matters to you on the comments section of this blog post.