Her Insights

I was working with a client and she told me that she recently decided to start taking better care of herself. She said she used to always put her husband's needs first. But then she noticed living that way was clutter for her because it made her exhausted and she didn't have the strength to take care of her husband or herself.

She got an intuitive insight that she needed to be strong before she could help her husband or anyone else. She told me she would meditate in the mornings and imagine going to a lake of pure and restorative water. She would fill a container and drink from it until she felt satisfied. The she would imagine refilling the container and giving it to her husband to drink.

During the day she found herself naturally doing little things for herself. The kindness made her feel renewed. She also found she didn't do as much as she did before for her husband. Previously she overdid it out of fear that she would lose his love. Now she finds herself doing things for him out of love.