Today's another day of taking it easy. Not doing much. I took a walk around Evanston and the trees showed me the new leaves they grew while I was out of town. The trees are really good at what they do. I've never looked at a leaf and said, "Well, that one's a piece of crap."

I reminisced about my work trip to California.

I remembered my client who opened a box that had been in the back of her closet and found a mighty stack of printed copies of email exchanges with an ex-boyfriend. It must have been about a thousand pages high. She was so surprised to discover it. And then in the next moment she got an aversion to this testament of an old love. She tossed it in the recycling bag and said she was glad to be rid of it.

I thought of the woman at the San Diego workshop who was talking about her husband's clutter. She talked about how hard it was for him to get rid of anything. He gave her permission to get rid of his things when he wasn't looking. I said that was okay, but the best she could do was take care of her own things. She opened up and revealed that she had over 7000 books in the garage, and their presence haunted her. I said that area was more worthy of her attention. She could work on a stack at a time and see how that makes her feel.

Another woman at the workshop spoke about some ballet shoes that she'd had since she was a teenager. She wasn't dancing anymore and didn't want to dance again. But she was hanging onto the dance shoes with joy and sadness. I asked if she liked ballet. Her heart opened up. She said she cherished that time of her life. I said maybe she's hanging onto the shoes because she misses being that happy about something in her life. She started to cry and said, "Yes." I said if she let the shoes go, she's leaving open the space for something beautiful to come into her life again.