Sandy Says

Phil wrote in:
"I guess one of the lessons is that you don't have to cling to the past. You can be light & free in the present----a la you & your backpack at the start of the post. Sigh. Why, even when you know, is it so hard to let go?"

I decided to let Sandy answer your question. She lives in the house that I'm staying at for the next two weeks. Hello everybody, here's Sandy:

"Thanks, Brooks. Hi everyone. It's me, Sandy. I don't have many things. I have some toys I chew on. There's a mat for me to sleep on, but I usually like sleeping on the carpet. There's my food bowl. They're all okay. I like them when I use them and I think I'd be okay if I didn't have them. I like when people scratch my head. I really like when Brooks comes to visit and we play chase and I try and catch him. He always lets me win.

What's the question again? Oh, yes, hanging onto stuff.....My humans seem unhappy a lot. I notice not much seems to make them happy. My other dog friends and I sometimes call humans the grumpies. It seems like they get caught up in the stuff around them, like the other day when I got tangled up in my leash. I got sooo mad!! I tried running but it just got worse. My human had to untangle me and then I was okay again. Maybe it's learning how to get out of your leash and it takes a different way than you're used to.

I hope this helps. I'm going to go in the backyard now and chase a squirrel."