Being, Seeing and Sensing

It's been an action packed week. In addition to working with my clutter busting clients, I had my first art show. In preparation, for two weeks my floor was covered with my art. It helped to have the paintings out on my floor so I could see them and sense which ones were going to end up at the Unicorn Cafe's walls. I couldn't think about it intellectually. Being, seeing and sensing it, I would know. It's the same way I do clutter busting. I can't think my way through clutter, I have to be in the midst of it, and feel and sense what to do.

By Thursday night I had made all my painting choices, got the frames, and put them up on the cafe walls. I was kind of fried by then. I came home and picked up the art that I didn't use and put it away, and then slept a lot. In the morning I was out of it and knew I couldn't write a blog post, so I waited till this morning.

I laid in bed this morning with the sun on me. I thought about how writing to you is like making art. I feel my way into my thoughts about a clutter busting job or idea and see a part of the experience that shines. It feels good for me to think about that aspect. Then I write about that. I don't want to write a step by step procedure because it won't address the heart of the matter. Keeping it simple makes it easier to unravel.