Pitching the Monolith

I was helping my client clutter bust her desk. It was covered with paper. She'd been frustratingly tussling with her work space for years. Usually she'd give up and the paper stacks would get taller and more unmanageable.

Off to the side of her desk was a big black monolith of a filing cabinet. The racks for hanging folders were taken out and things had been stuffed and piled inside the three big drawers. It was hard to close the drawers because items had fallen behind them and jammed up the space. The monolith distressed her. She gave up all hope when she got near it.

I suggested we clutter bust the monolith. Some items in a home are so discordant that they screw up everything in their vicinity. They emanate a distorting influence. They act as a bully in the space and make any kind of order and peace of mind impossible. But like all bullies, they are better faced than folding in their presence.

When I explained this to her, she got it. She was encouraged and dove into the monolith's contents. She was surprised at the amount of crap. Because her eyes were open she saw that most of the stuff in the filing cabinet was useless to her. She got stronger with each item she tossed. When it was empty I suggested we take it out to the curb. She agreed and we carried it outside. We came back inside and she was startled at how much better the space felt. She said, "It feels so light in here."

We then proceeded to clutter bust her desk. We cleared that space in under two hours.

It's worth noticing when something has a debilitating effect on us. In it's own way, it's like a poison in our home. I encourage you to extract it from your home. Your well being is worth the effort.