As I was putting together my pastels for my art show this month I realized that the way I'd been saving my art had been clutter for me. I'm a prolific artist and I create a lot of artwork. It's fun for me to make it. I'd put a few pieces up on my apartment walls. But most of the artwork ended up in a big pile of art. As I was going through my art to choose which ones would end up in the art show, I could feel that the art pile was stagnant. The artwork came from a place of great vitality. But keeping them in a stack created the thick, stuck and tired feeling that I notice on the job when I'm clutter busting with my clients.

I picked out the art for the show and got them framed. Right away I noticed that the energy of those particular paintings became lively. I figured I was ascribing human attributes to the artwork when I felt that they appreciated being treated nicely. But then I figured it's probably true. When I clutter bust with people in their homes, they say how much better it feels after they let the clutter go. I think the clients appreciate the change, but I think the space also appreciates it too. I figure we have a relationship with everything that we come in contact with. Not just people, but the seemingly inanimate things and the space they live in. This compatibility we have with our space and the things in it has a big effect on our well being.

I'm going to begin to take care of the pastels that didn't make it into the show. I'll put a few up on my walls, but I'd like to find a home for the rest of the artwork. It's a nice sign that I got an email from one of my blog readers today about buying two of my pastels. It feels good doing something about this.