Bringing In Space

One of the things I love about my home is seeing the open space. I have a lot of it. I have plants, a desk, bed, a few pieces of my art, and some guitars. But most of the space is bare hardwood floors and unobstructed space. It makes things easier on the inside of me. I feel peaceful in my home.

I'm sure having spent time in hundreds of overfull living spaces has made me sensitive to too much stuff. This experience gets reinforced when I see people relax as they let go of their excess stuff. A noticable inner pressure get released from them as they let go of these things that were disturbing their home environment.

I think it's about getting used to thinking of space as a thing. Usually all our stuff is in amidst the space which ends up going unnoticed. This is the point where we feel uncomfortable in our homes. But peeling away the clutter intruders makes the space a tangible and enjoyable thing.

Everyone I've worked with likes the addition of open space. How much open space in combination with the things that you enjoy is different for each person. When I'm clutter busting, it's like tuning a guitar, raising and lowering the note till it sounds/feels right.

I was working with a client recently in her art studio. When I first got there, there was no open space. All the surfaces were covered with art supplies and art. There was very little room on the floor to walk around. She complained that coming into the room, "Makes me feel crazy!" She stopped spending time in the studio and stopped making art and this made her depressed.

I went through one item at a time in the room, asking, "Do you need this or can we let it go?" Quite a lot of the stuff went. When we were done, the open space had become dominant in the room. She told me she felt safe and open in the space. She was visibly at peace.