A Little Goes a Long Way

I'm just about to write my 400th clutter busting blog post. It's funny how this particular blog came about. My book, "Clutter Busting: Letting Go of What's Holding You Back" was coming out and my publisher suggested I write a blog about clutter. I was thinking, "Well, what could I write about? It's all in the book." But then I figured it would be fun to write my insights about the clients that I worked with on that day. I could share a piece of the job that I felt would be helpful to you in the pursuit of your own personal clutter bustings. My experience is that a little information goes a long way. Especially one that goes along with a story.

I started clutter busting for myself based on a little info. I was getting my art degree and one of my professors told me it's good to have a clean and clear work space so the ideas and creativity would have an easier flow. I could feel the "ah-ha" happen in me. I love when things flow more easily. I like new ideas that make a positive difference in my life. From experience I knew that I got bored with the repetition of sameness. This idea of letting things go so I could experience new, fresher and more fulfilling things made me excited.

I remember going back to my dorm room and throwing out all the papers and crap that were living on my desk. The inertia in my room and my mind were busted. I was amazed at how alive it made me feel. I saw that my awareness had been cleaned off, like mud wiped from the windshield. It became a habit that stuck because of how consistently good it's made me feel.

Some years down the line I decided to start helping people clean their own windshields. I enjoy sharing this info because it's a wonderful experience when others begin to feel fresh and alive in their homes and their lives. I think the simplicity of clutter busting makes it alluring. You see that something is benefiting and making your life a better place to be right now, or it's not. Thanks for being a part of this and joining in as we take care of our lives.